Registration Open for All Eligible Funded Project Areas



Couple things to clarify after yesterday's email.

  1. If you received the email, you are registered for one of our funded areas.
  2. If you signed up very early (September- December 2022) but did not receive an email, you are still on our list. We had some technical issues and we're working on adding the early sign ups on to the email chain soon.

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February Fiber Update

That question, of course, is when will you get fiber? Right now, we are estimating home (or business) fiber installations will begin in and around Quilcene and Discovery Bay later this summer. It will take over 1 year to connect everyone in the project area. We are not far enough along in planning to say when during that year a specific neighborhood might get connected. We hope to have some of that info in the next few months. In the next few months, we also expect to have better info on when construction will begin in our other funded project areas.

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Thanks for Signing Up!

After more than nine months of waiting, the PUD now has signed contracts on all of our grant and loan funded projects. What does that mean for you? It means we can finally begin spending some of the $25M we've been awarded to build fiber to your homes and businesses.

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