Registration Open for Funded Project Areas


On the Precipice of Greater Connectivity

Since We Last Wrote...

Our line crews have strung more overhead fiber in and around Quilcene, and we have completed the fiber connection between our Quilcene substation and our Operations Center at 310 Four Corners Rd. In the next few weeks we'll begin splicing together fiber from the Quilcene substation out to the Bolton Peninsula to connect our first homes. What we call the fiber "hut" at the Quilcene Electric Substation is essentially its own data substation. It receives the data over fiber transmission lines and divides the signal to send out to the home on fiber distribution lines. A second, smaller fiber hut will be placed at the Discovery Bay Substation in April. 

We've also gone out to bid for the largest portion of our build- buried fiber construction. Basically all the fiber that is going in the ground whether its along Hwy 101 or in your back yard (or front yard). The bids will be opened on Wednesday January 31st at 3pm. The estimate for this portion of the project is more than $11M. A contractor will be announced in early February. Construction should begin in April and will be completed by November.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate 

Despite our previous announcement that we were separating our Quilcene to Gardiner and Chimacum project into two distinct areas each with their own color (see below), we are now putting them back together. Kind of. While each project will be tracked separately, they will be built together in the same time frame. Combining construction by some miracle of the universe allows us to save both money and time.

Let There Be Light!

18 homes at the very end of Lindsey Hill Rd on the Bolton Peninsula are scheduled for activation this February. These homes all have fiber coming in above ground, so our line crews will bring the fiber from the pole to the exterior of the house. Then our newly hired Lead Network Technician will bring the fiber into the home and install the equipment. Eligible homes in the area have already been contacted directly with a newly created invitation to sign up for monthly internet service. Eligible customers can choose between internet service from the PUD, or one of our Qualified ISPs. Multiple product options are available. 

These 18 homes are the first part of a series of overhead installations the PUD will undertake in February and March. We'll announce the next sets in the coming weeks. 

Why Not My House? 

We recognize that some of you have been waiting a long time and we apologize for the many delays. This has been a big complicated project and the engineering and design alone has taken an entire year, with a couple of revisions. We are excited to have our first homes scheduled for connection, and we will be very excited when we can schedule everyone's homes. Our plan is to have 1,200 of you connected by the end of 2024. 


Right now, the pink Inbetweens area has 60% of eligible homes and businesses registered. 60% is the limit for no-charge construction to the home within a grant zone. Registrations beyond the threshold may be required to cover a $750 construction cost-share (a one-time payment or $20 extra per month for 3 years if you want to spread it out).

The purple Olympic Fiber Corridor is at 48%. While there's plenty of space left for more signups- it will go fast once we are building in the neighborhoods. If you have neighbors who haven't registered for no-charge installation of fiber to the home, encourage them to sign up now online at:, or call our customer service team at 360-385-5800 9-4:30 M-F to register over the phone. 

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