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Fiber-based Business Solutions - Port Townsend Fiber Update

Our engineering design firm continues to map fiber routes in the city. We are currently testing retail business connections at this time and plan to begin construction to registered businesses in late-2024.

Our network and service packages are a one-stop to simplifying business. Connecting your business with our Café WiFi 1 or Café WiFi 3 package means you’ll have SmartBiz service included, putting the power of the CommandWorx app at your fingertips.  


What is CommandWorx? It’s you multi-pronged network tool all in one spot—basically, it’s an IT professional and support team built in. With SmartBiz, you have the power to easily navigate setting up essential network tasks and monitor security for your business in real time. Providing customer WiFi? You can easily create a network space in minutes. Need a secure network for point-of-sale devices? Done. Employees need specific WiFi-enabled access? Done. All this is easy to navigate on the CommandWox app.


Don’t forget the support. If you have any questions about your network, you can contact us directly.


If you have established IT support, not to worry. We offer a range of business services to fit your needs starting with our Biz Pro at $105/mo for a gig up and a gig down with a 10-Gig WiFi router and additional mesh WiFi extender. That means your internet won’t slow when you have a bunch a folks on zoom, or have to upload large video files, or you’ve got a bunch of customers on WiFi, and multiple connected credit card readers to run. 


We also have 3/3 and 5/5 Gig packages as well as enterprise options for direct connections and dedicated circuits. For all packages, service includes a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6 router with ability to create and control multiple networks and a fixed IP address for PCI compliance. 


Note: One unique aspect about PUD fiber is that the PUD doesn’t have to be the business that provides your internet. As a publicly owned utility, any qualified internet service provider that wants to can use the PUD’s fiber can do just that to connect you to the internet. If they have the service or technology your business needs, or you already have a relationship, use them! A list of qualified providers is available on our website.

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