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Over the Hills and Around the Bend: Jefferson North October Fiber Update

THE BAD NEWS: Fiber to your project area has been delayed to the second half of 2024. Many Apologies.

THE ISSUE: Our first project, the Olympic Fiber Corridor, running from Quilcene to Gardiner, is also our largest. It's been incredibly challenging. After multiple delays from the federal government, the current delay came in completing the design. Drawing plans for 200 miles of fiber optic cable around the shorelines, islands, farmland, and foothills of the Olympic Mountains has not been an easy task. We had a lot to learn and a lot to review. BUT! We are now pivoting to bidding and selecting contractors in the coming weeks and months, and underground fiber construction in Quilcene will begin after the new year.

That said, it does mean that work on Jefferson North will not begin until the second half of 2024 at the soonest. And it will likely extend into 2025. We don’t, at this time, have a schedule for when we will be working in each of the three areas of Jefferson North, but as soon as we know more, we’ll let you know as well. 

THE GOOD NEWS: Our PUD line crews are installing a mile of fiber a day on poles around Quilcene, with more than 25 miles of fiber already in place. The core equipment for our new 10 Gig network is in place and tested. Amazing internet from the PUD is now a reality. By the time we get to your area, construction will go faster and our service will be better still.

ONE LAST THING: Signups in the Jefferson North area have been strong from the start, so make sure to let any neighbors know that they need to register ASAP if they want to have fiber installed at no cost. Over 52% of area residents are already on board. After we reach 60%, any subsequent signups will have to pay $750 for installation (or $20 additional per month for 3 years). Encourage your friends and neighbors on the fence (or not in the know) to register now online at:, or call our customer service team at 360-385-5800 9am-4:30pm M-F to register over the phone. Once construction begins, registration will fill up immediately!

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