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Coming Attractions: Fiber to the PT Business Area

We are slowly and quietly gearing up to install fiber to businesses in Port Townsend.

In fact, we’ve already connected a few trial business customers on our new 10 Gig all fiber network. Before we can connect the rest however, we must complete engineering.

Right now, our engineering design firm is working hard to map routes in the city. We expect to have plans completed and be out to bid after the new year. We’ll be able to begin connecting customers as we move along.

Please Note: Many of you who've registered for fiber in the PT Business Area selected home service. We can only connect homes in the project area if you have a UBI # and use the home for business purposes. The line is blurry, and we don't need any proof of when and where or how you get work done at home, we just need a UBI # to comply with the funding rules that allowed us to instigate this project. If you work remotely for another company and they can provide a UBI#, that can work as well.

Service to businesses (including home businesses) is simple and starts at $100/mo for true Gig speed up and down. That means your internet won’t slow when you have a bunch of folks on zoom, or have to upload large video files, or you’ve got a bunch of customers on Wi-Fi and multiple connected credit card readers to run. Oh, and with that service you get a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6 router with the ability to create and control multiple networks on it, a second mesh router to keep the signal strong everywhere you need it, and a fixed IP address for PCI compliance. We also have 3/3 and 5/5 Gig packages as well as enterprise options for direct connections and dedicated circuits.

PLEASE NOTE - One unique aspect about PUD fiber is that the PUD doesn’t have to be the entity that provides your internet. As a publicly owned utility, and Open Access network provider, any internet service company that wants to meet our qualifications can use the PUD’s fiber to connect you. While the PUD is all set up to provide some of the fastest most reliable internet available, if another qualified provider has the type of custom service or technology your business needs, or you already have a relationship, use them! We’re working on getting interested providers qualified now. A list of qualified internet service providers will be posted on our website shortly.

PUD tech splicing fiber for network testing.

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