Registration Open for Funded Project Areas


When Do We Get Fiber? Jefferson North Fiber Project

As you may have heard, fiber construction to eligible homes in the area we are calling Jefferson North has been delayed a couple of times. The first was due to yearlong delays in contracts and funding from the government. Now the delay is due to the time it will take to do the actual work, as well as to the PUD’s success in receiving grant funding. To date we have obtained over $51M in funding to build fiber in Jefferson County. We’ve won nearly every grant we’ve applied for and will now be able to build fiber to just about every home or business in our electric service territory lacking access to broadband internet and stuck with outdated DSL, expensive satellite, spotty cellular, or in some cases, no internet at all.

The downside of course is that it’s a huge task and a lot of work. Due to funding deadlines, work on the Jefferson North project area will not begin until after we install fiber to all of Quilcene, Discovery Bay, Gardiner, and bit of Chimacum. We are beginning work in Quilcene this week, but it will be a minimum of one year before we expect to be able to string fiber to homes in the Jefferson North project area, likely summer of 2024.

One last thing: Signups in the Jefferson North area have been strong from the start, so make sure to let any neighbors know that they need to register ASAP if they want to have fiber installed at no cost.

More than 40% of area residents are already on board. After we reach 60%, any new additional signups will likely have to pay $750 to connect. If you're on the fence about no-charge fiber construction to the home and switching to our locally-owned network, please consider signing up today! Learn more about our service packages here and see how they compare and save each month!

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