Registration Open for Funded Project Areas


We Got the Grant! Southeast Jefferson Project Area

We got the grant!

Beginning in 2025, PUD fiber internet is coming to Center & West Valley, Van Trojen, Beaver Valley, Shine, and the entirety of the Toandos Peninsula down to Coyle. Sign up now and tell your neighbors to do the same!

Grant funding means no charge for construction to the first 65% of residents and businesses to register in the project area.

Home Internet services from the PUD will start at $65/month for 150/150Mbps service and includes a Wi-Fi router. 1/1 Gbps home service starts at $75/month. Additional speeds and packages are available. We also offer an automatic $20 discount to customers enrolled in our low-income program.

Business Internet service starts at $100/month for 1/1Gbps speeds and includes a static IP address for PCI compliance and a 1Gbps Wi-Fi router. You can register for installation and learn more about the planned service and products here

Also, the PUD operates an open access network. That means any qualified provider can offer services over the network. The PUD will have a list of available providers in the coming months.

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