Registration Open for Funded Project Areas

2:44AM January 04, 2023

William Thayer

Is there a reason why there are only 2 comments here? Since I do know you have had more than two yet for some reason they are not here. I have had 23 years of dialup , dsl , and 2 versions of satellite so I think I have paid more than enough for the internet here at the same home and yet we keep getting on these lists that never actually happen. I gave up on the newest version of satellite isp since I paid and got nothing after 3 months so I cancelled that order. Since 1984 at the same place I have always paid my power bill early so it seems that actually finally getting a fair and decent isp is due here. (ok lets see if I just wasted time typing this and still only seeing those two posts again)

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10:48AM January 05, 2023

Jefferson PUD
Hi William, The fiber registration page is a very new platform for us to better manage the large number of fiber registrants around the county–so new that comments have been pretty minimal thus far. We certainly do appreciate folks asking question though, so please do! Internet connections, historically, have been an expensive and often cost-prohibitive venture for companies to consider. Likewise, fiber internet that extends (or even is within range) of a fiber pathway is often cost prohibitive for companies and the homeowners themselves. We are very fortunate here in eastern Jefferson County to have applied and receive more than $25M in grant funding to aid in fiber buildout. As the local utility provider, we were recently granted the ability to act as a retail provider ISP. Being able to operate as an ISP and own and maintain the utility system, we are in a position to provide customers in otherwise cost-prohibitive or hard-to-reach locations with fiber internet.