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6:33PM July 06, 2023

Steve Cordz

To be ready for installation of the fiber to my house in 2024 I want to pre install the conduit for the fiber this month. I am running a new power cable in conduit to the house to replace the direct buried cable. So as long as I have the ditches open I want to preinstall the conduit for fiber. Do you have construction specs for the installation from the street to the house and also withi the premises? Could you please supply those soonest. Thanks.

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10:42AM July 07, 2023

Jefferson PUD
Hi Steve, Thanks for reaching our and looking ahead for your fiber installation. 1" conduit will be needed for fiber to the home, and a broadband engineer will be in touch next week via email with additional information. Full fiber standards will be posted to our "Updates" tab soon.